The International HAPE Database

Information for Researchers

The International HAPE database contains contact details for HAPE-susceptible individuals around the world. If you are a scientist from outside the UK wishing to invite members of the database to participate in your research, please note that we take the privacy of the database members seriously and so it is necessary to follow this procedure:

1. Contact the database administrators: with a brief description of the type of study, the number of subjects you will need, and the locations where the study will be done. The administrators will reply to let you know how many HAPE-sufferers are registered in your area.

2. If you decide to proceed with recruitment, we will help you to obtain ethical approval from an independent Research Ethics Committee. This will be done in the UK under the COREC rules, which can be read here Ethical approval usually takes several months, so please apply well in advance.

3. Once a study is approved, we will contact the members directly and give them the opportunity to participate. This enables us to comply with rules set by our local ethics committee, and with the Data Protection Act.