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APEX Academics 

One of the greatest impacts/outcomes of the work that APEX undertakes is the exposure of our volunteers/committee to the world of clinical academia and research. APEX has a highly successful record of of producing clinical academics. Below is a list of previous volunteers and Expedition organisers who are now in academic positions or have completed higher  research degrees.


Apex 1 (2001)

  • Roger Thompson PhD (BHF Intermediate Clinical Fellow, University of Sheffield)

  • Peter Hall PhD (Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Edinburgh)

  • Ian MacCormick PhD (University of Edinburgh)

  • David Dorward PhD (University of Edinburgh) 

  • Roland Partridge PhD (University of Liverpool)

  • Matt Bates PhD (Newcastle University)

  • Andy Sutherland PhD (University of Edinburgh)

  • John Somner MD (Cambridge)

  • Kenny Baillie PhD (Professor of Experimental Medicine, University of Edinburgh)

Apex 2 (2003)

  • Nina Rzechorzek PhD (MRC Clinician Scientist, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge)

  • Matt Wilkes PhD (Chief Medical Officer)

  • Mark Toshner PhD (Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge)

  • Olivia Swann PhD (University of Edinburgh)

  • Eve Smith (University of Liverpool)

  • Jamie Scriven PhD (Birmingham)

  • Oliver Mytton PhD (University of Cambridge)

  • Richard Oram PhD (University of Exeter)

  • Alex Phythian-Adams PhD (Investigator, GSK)

  • James McFarlane PhD (University of Newcastle)

  • Adam Marshall (PROTEUS programme, University of Edinburgh)

  • Kirsten Scott PhD (University of Cambridge and AstraZeneca, Cambridge)

  • Daniel Hammett PhD (University of Sheffield)

Apex Kilimanjaro (2009)

  • James Varley PhD (Imperial College)

Apex 4 (2015)

  • Sandy (Alexander) Jackson - NIHR Doctoral Fellow (University of Southampton)


Apex 5 (2017)

  • Jason Young (Academic FY, Oxford)


Apex 6 (2022)

  • Heather Gail (Academic FY, Glasgow)

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